Baby Photography Cambridgeshire

The first smiles...

Your baby is now looking at you, smiling, trying to reach out for things and you have just realised how quickly it all goes. 
This is a magic phase to photograph your baby. The smiles, the giggles, the rolls on the legs, the puffy cheeks make this a great opportunity to create some gorgeous pictures.

Less is More

There in not need to add more to the photos, when babies are already so perfect as they are. “Less is More” is my motto when it comes to baby photography!

When is the best time for baby pictures?

After the newborn stage (up to 20 days), a beautiful stage to photograph is 3 months which is when we can capture the first smiles and the first giggles!

At around 8 months, when your baby can sit independently, we can still capture the baby softness and cuteness (I love the rolls) but also their personality!

Precious & Unique

In the smallest things, you will find the big ones. Nothing could be more true when we talk about babies. All the little details which make them who they are now need to be captured to be remembered forever. 

Has anyone said: "SMASH the CAKE"?

We often celebrate FIRST BIRTHDAYS in the studio with a SMASH CAKE session! Smash cake sessions are lots of FUN, not just for the baby but for Mum and Dad too! 

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A Baby Photography Session is also a Family Session!

There will always be an extra pound to loose and the hair will always need to be done. Seeing you together is all that will matter to your children when they grow up. 

To them you will always be beautiful, No matter what.

HELLO! I am 8 months!

What if your precious Memories became Pieces of Art ?

Are you looking at decorating one of your walls? Have you have thought about displaying your own memories? They can totally transform your walls adding a bit of art and a lots of love and happiness to your daily life. 

framed baby and maternity pictures