Maternity Photographer Cambridgeshire

When your hearts still beat together...

For 9 months, your hearts have been beating together. 

Capturing this incredible time and documenting your children’s journey, from here, is one of the biggest gifts you can leave for them

You would love the idea of a Maternity Photo Session but it makes you feel nervous...

You are not the only one! But please take few minutes to think about it. You are not professional models, right? Nobody  expects you to be. You are normal people who are shortly going to be mum and dad. Your maternity photo session in my studio is nothing like a fashion shoot. It is all about this magic moment in your life and it is about capturing it for you, for your child and for your family. You will actually be surprised by how easy (and enjoiable) it is being in front of the camera when  you have something so incredible and special to focus on: your baby..

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The ideal time to photograph a bump is within week 32 and 36. During these weeks the bump starts showing like a proper baby bump and mums don’t feel too tired as yet. 

Here, your child's journey starts...

You two: the beginning of everything.

My Studio

In my studio, I have created a peaceful and relaxing environment to allow you to fully relax and enjoy the overall experience. A selection of maternity clothes is available and I am sure you will love them as much as I do..

My Portfolio

I am so lucky to have photographed so many mums to be in the last 8 years. Colours or Black and White, I love all the precious memories we have created together.