About Francesca


I am a mother of three children (I have two daughters and one son) who bright every single day of my life and make me always a better me. I am married to an amazing man who bought my very first camera 15 years ago and pushed me to follow my dreams. 

I come from Rome in Italy where most of my family still lives. Every time we are there, my children ask me to look through the photo albums my mother has religiously made for me. I believe in those albums my passion for photography and family memories started.

I chose to post two images of my family here rather than just pictures of me because Francesca db Photography wouldn’t exist without the support, the encouragement, the inspiration I receive every day from them. Together with my clients, they are my fuel and my biggest strength.

One more thing I wanted to say, I wrote a little book about the importance of memories and shared happiness, a while ago. A copy of this book is in any of my photography packages. Photography is so much more than a perfect image to me. This little book will tell you and your baby all about that “much more”.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to meet you soon!

Francesca X