Baby H and his beautiful family | Baby Photography Cambridge, UK

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As a baby photographer I see and photograph babies of different ages. One of the most common questions I am usually asked is “what is your preferred age to photograph babies?”. I still don’t know the answer! Although I love everything about newborns and photographing them it is a dream, I am so fascinated by older babies as well and I love to capture their first little interactions, smiles and funny expressions. (Forgive me when I say “older” babies but among newborn photographers, a 3 month old baby is technically older than a 15 days old one! lol!). At 3 months babies start to lift their head up, touching their little feet, eating them sometimes. They smile at mum and dad and it is a very special time to capture them.

When I first talked to H’s mum she told me she was keen on capturing also one of the most beautiful moments for her and her baby boy, the breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding is one of the most amazing things for you and your child, it is not as easy as books make you believe. It doesn’t always come straight forward and it might take few months for you and your baby to be able to fully enjoy it. And, when you do it, trust me, it is magical. This is way H’s mum wanted to capture it to be able to remember it forever.

Thanks you all again for choosing me to capture your baby as you as a brand new family and I can’t wait to meet you all again soon!