Baby Photography Cambridge | Ruben turns one , let’s smash the cake!


I’ve met this lovely family three times already since Susana was pregnant. She had one of the biggest bumps I have ever seen and photographed. (If you missed them, please see to Susana’s maternity session and Ruben’s newborn session). She knew she was expecting a little boy despite her husband did not want to know. When Reuben was born he was a very big baby and when I met him for his newborn session, he did not look like a newborn at all! 🙂 It was so lovely meeting them all again for Reuben’s first birthday! We had a cake to eat and smash and he LOVED it! Not all the babies love smash cake sessions and sometimes the fluffiness of the icing and the sugar might actually upset them, but he LOVED it and had so much fun! Before the icing was everywhere we had a fun family session and took some shots of them all as a family! They are so beautiful, aren’t they?

I know his mum and dad can’t wait for this blog post! Here you are… I hope you enjoy it!


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One Reply to “Baby Photography Cambridge | Ruben turns one , let’s smash the cake!”

  1. I cannot believe how big he is now! I’ve missed this post for some reason but it’s so nice to see these two boys once again!! Lovely photo shoot!!

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