Beautiful Maternity Photography in Bishops Stortford


She is Neha. She is beautiful. She doesn’t know how much beautiful she is. Every woman who comes in my studio has got so many concerns about her body. Always. 
I listen, always, to every little concern and worry. Then I smile. Because while that woman talks, I have already seen so many beautiful features in her face, in her hands, in the way she moves. And at that moment, I stop her talking as I just can’t wait to start and capture all of them. Every woman carries a huge dose of natural beauty. A good photographer is the one who dedicates his/her time to find all those details who make that woman that beautiful. So, please… keep talking to me about your worries, your concerns, what you don’t like about your body. I am exactly as you. But please don’t let these worries and concerns stopping you from capturing who you are now especially when you are carrying a new life in you. This is Neha, in her natural glow and unique beauty. 

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