Cambridge Baby Photography | Baby Lucy, 14 weeks old

Cambridge Baby Photography Francesca DB Photography

I have recently had a client saying that they were put off my a local photographer who would not photograph newborns older than 7 days. I have to admit that this was a big shock for me. I have been photographing babies since 2010 and, although we all know that the ideal period of time to photograph a baby as a newborn is within the first 15 days of the baby’s life, I believe that babies are such an amazing and precious subject to photograph at ANY moment. Every age has got something special to capture and I believe it is never too late to decide to have pictures taken of your baby. Lucy was 14 weeks old when she came to my studio. We were able to capture her while wide awake and while asleep. When she was awake, she gave me so many sweet smiles (proper smiles!) and, when she felt asleep, I did not resist and got some of my beloved sleepy shots.Her older brother was amazing and so collaborative making their mum and dad the happiest!
Thank you so much for choosing me and thanks for your beautiful email after your received your photos. They made me a happy photographer!


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