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Premature Baby Photography Cambridge UK


There was something that connected us straight away the first time we talked on the phone. Nav had Anara prematurely, very prematurely, and, being a mum of premature babies myself, I felt like, through her words, I was re living the early days with my twins daughters. Anara is a warrier, Anara is a miracle, Anara is so lucky to be surrounded by the incredible love of her family.

Having spent the first months of her life in NICU, her mum couldn’t book a newborn session… and I knew, deeply in her heart, she was till hoping to be able to capture her asleep, curled as only fresh newborns are.

Although she was 5 months when they were able to come and see me in my studio, we still managed to capture the pictures her mum was so keen on.

There were tears during the session, (of joy of course!) and it was so special!

Thank you so much again for trusting me in capturing your gorgeous little miracle: I left you with so many memories and Anara’s birth story left so much with me too.

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