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Timeless Newborn Photography Watford Hertfordshire


Cheryl and Vivian got in touch at the very last minute as they had booked a newborn session which was cancelled the day before: they were so nervous as they really wanted to capture their baby’s early days. Despite the craziness of that week, I did my best and we managed to book them in. Oh what a pleasure it was meeting them and their gorgeous baby Reuben. Each session in my studio is not just a sequence of set ups and settings, it is so much more. Each session is getting to know my clients, their story and their baby’s journey. When they left the studio it just felt like we have known each other for so long! I loved every minute of their family session: I love the combination of wide awake and sleepy shots. I am so glad they travelled all the way from Hertfordshire to see me: it was surely worth it.

The back and white photo where Reuben looks suspiciously his dad melts my heart. What is your favourite one?

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