Newborn Photography Cambridge

Life has just begun

Your baby will never be this little again: the way they look so small in your arms or curl up perfectly in your neck, their tiny little toes and the gentle way that they breathe don’t last very long.

Capturing all the details of this special time on your life is what a newborn photography session is about.

It is not just a photography session. It is a magic experience you will never forget!

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Precious details

In the smallest things, you will find the big ones. Nothing could be more true when we talk about babies. All the little details which make them who they are now need to be captured to be remembered forever, starting from heart shaped milk blisters! 

Baby Led

My approach to newborn photography is totally baby led. Your baby will never be forced into any set pose. Instead your baby is my guide for the session, meaning each photography session is totally unique.

Authentic Photography. Timeless Memories

Minimalistic Style

Newborns are perfect just as they are. I choose to photograph them against plain and cosy backdrops in a minimalist style, with a limited use of props and accessories to create timeless and authentic memories.

It is all about your family!

Siblings are always the most welcome in the studio: family photographs are so precious. They will always tell our children where they come from and how much they were loved. 

Welcome to my Studio

A moment forever

There are moments in my career I will never forget. 

They are imprinted in my memory to remind me every day the meaning behind what I do. Sofia’s great grandmother is not here anymore but Sofia will always have this picture to warm her heart up and to remind her where she comes from.

Your Memories on your Walls become
Pieces of Art

Displaying photos in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to come another and we honour the memories we have experienced.