Baby Photoshoot

There is something absolutely special about a baby photo shoot and I love to capture all these details for you to remember in many years to come.

The rolls, the white milky teeth, the soft skin, the curls, the inquisitive look, the smile, the dimples in their little hands.

A baby photoshoot in my studio is all about creating the right environment for your baby to have fun, play, explore, feel comfortable so that I can create the most beautiful, authentic photographs for you and your family.

What is the main difference between a baby and a newborn photography session?

A baby session is any session arranged for your baby from when he/she is older than 2 months. Any session booked before the 2 months age is considered a newborn or an “oldborn” photography session.

With a newborn photoshoot you can expect more asleep images. Out of a baby photoshoot, there will surely be more of his/her personality shining through the images.

Most of my clients who book a newborn photography session with me, choose to book their second one when the baby is 8/9 months and can sit on his/her own. This is the best combination to capture your little one’s first year journey.

Do you have props in the studio?

I am not a huge fan of crazy and too colourful props when it comes to baby photography. I believe that your baby needs always to be the focus so I try to avoid using anything that will distract from him/her.

In the studio I have a selection of wooden toys, musical instruments and cuddly toys which look amazing in the photographs and are so much loved by all the babies. There is not need to bring your own props.

Blankets are always a favourite prop in my studio, together with the studio curtains which are always the most loved peek a boo choice by my little clients.

Creating an environment where babies can play and have fun will create many reactions and expressions which guarantee an amazing variety of images.

How do we get prepared for a baby photoshoot?

I would suggest that we plan it around your baby’s morning nap. Morning hours are the best hours for a photoshoot.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a welcome brochure with some useful information on how to best prepare for your photo experience, including what to wear and what to bring with you.

Do we need to bring any clothes for the baby?

There is not need for you to bring any specific clothes for your baby on the day. I have a selection of the cutest rompers, cotton cardigans and dungarees in the studio.

They are perfect as they cover the nappies but still show all those beautiful features which are worth capturing in images. They are all made of a very natural material and look so beautiful in pictures.

What is the best age for baby photography?

Let me start saying that each age is the perfect one for beautiful pictures.

I don’t think there is an age better than another. Each stage, of a child’s development journey, offers different opportunities for timeless portraits and is surely worth being captured.

That stage where they can sit on their own but don’t walk yet it is the best for a baby photography session.

Are parents involved in the photographs?

I would always encourage mums and dads to be in the photos. When your kids grow up they will appreciate the importance of having their parents in the photos with them.

I love to use any photoshoot (newborn, baby or toddler) as an excuse for some beautiful, relax, authentic family portraits as well.

I would love to be part of my little one’ photoshoot but, after the birth, I feel so tired and I don’t feel like I am back to my normal shape.

I have been there, as mum and I can relate to this perfectly.

First of all, from a mum to another mum, your body has done something incredible. Please focus on this rather than on its different shape. It will go back to its shape but this might take some time and this is absolutely fine.

As a professional photographer, is part of my job to ensure you will always look at your best.

Also Photoshop is always a good photographer’s best friend :)

What should I wear for the newborn photo shoot?

Neutral Colours like white, cream, oatmeal and plain fabrics are the best choice. They don’t distract from the main focus which is always your newborn baby and the connection with you.

Busy patterns and big logos on t-shirts are never recommended but all these information is included in the welcome brochure while we you will receive at the time of booking.

Can I book a photo shoot for my little one’s first birthday?

This is a lovely way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday and to mark this special milestone. I do offer cake smash sessions for this special occasion.

Cakes, Bubbles and Balloons will result in many happy images full of joy and smiles.

Are siblings involved in the photographs?

Both the classic and the total baby photography packages include photos of your baby with siblings and, let me tell you, they are always my favourite photographs. While I capture them, I already envision them looking back at those in many years time. and smiling.

The baby mini package focuses only on the baby.

Is there any discount if I book a Newborn and a Baby Photography Session?

Depending on the package of your choice, yes. Please refer to the packages page to see the discount associated with any of my packages.

I would like to buy a newborn & family shoot for a special person. Can I do that?

Of course you can. Whether is your wife, sister, daughter, colleague or one of your best friends, we can create a personalised gift voucher for your loved one.

Francesca is amazing at what she does and is a beautiful soul. She captured both our babies; one in 2019 and one recently. Our baby photos were captured at ‘oldborn’ stage which meant they were awake for part of the shoot. Francesca was able to navigate around their needs and created the most enjoyable session (both times) that was stress-free and fun. We are so grateful to her for capturing these precious moments with our family – we will treasure them for years to come!

Naomi Hart

Francesca is the best photographer in Cambridge. We recently had a family outdoor shoot where she was great at getting the best out of our little girl and the photos were truly stunning.
We returned to Francesca after the most beautiful maternity and newborn sessions. She is extremely talented at capturing the true emotions and personalities of your family

Hollie Bullock

“Where do I even begin with Francesca?
I have used her photography services for maternity, newborn and old born shoots and every time it’s just the most pleasant experience. Watching her take pictures of my family, you can just see the genuine joy and passion she has for photography. She has captured some truly special moments of my little ones and the whole family and there is just not enough words to describe her talent. She creates magic. I am so grateful for the photos she has taken of my family. They are timeless. She is also amazing with children. My little boy had the most amazing time getting his picture taken. I would never for a second hesitate recommending her to anyone looking for a photographer. So professional, one of the best photographers ever met, amazing results and just overall amazing!”

Christine Paul

We had a wonderful newborn photoshoot of our 16 day old boy with Francesca this week – it was a very fun, relaxed, special day and we are really excited to see the resulting photos, which I am sure with be beautiful.

Francesca is clearly very experienced with baby photography and with handling/moving the babies in a way to keep them relaxed – she was very patient and took her time to make sure baby was happy and the shots were perfect. She was so good with our little one and he looked perfect and content in all the positions she put him in.

The studio is beautiful and set up perfectly for newborn photography, with very beautiful fabrics/props to use and space/time to feed and change baby as required.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to use Francesca’s services again, or recommend her to friends and I am counting the days until our lovely photos arrive!

Paula MacGregor