Family Photoshoot

Choosing the right photographer for a family photoshoot?

Choosing the right photographer for your family photographs is probably the hardest part of the whole process. There are so many options out there and I know it might just be overwhelming. I hope this little guide here will make this process a little bit easier for you and most importantly will help you to book a family session in sooner than later.

The Photographer

Make sure you choose not just the photos but the person behind the camera.

The photographer plays a massive role in the success of you family photography session. Make sure you choose the right person whose work and most importantly personality is a good match with your family.

How do I know whether the photographer I would like to book is the right photographer?

First of all start from his/her photos. Do you love them? Do they speak to your heart?

Once you like his/her portfolio, have a look at the Blog. This is where usually photographers post family sessions fully and you can get even a deeper understanding of his/her way of working with families. Do you like all the photos posted? Or just a few? Normally a photographer’s portfolio showcases the best photographs ever taken among all the family sessions undertaken. But it is also important to see how many beautiful photos he/she can create in only one session. This will give you a better feeling of what you can expect out of your photo session.

Social media are also quite useful when you want to know more about your photographer. For example I use Instagram not just to post my weekly work but also to share my behind the scenes, my clients’ lovely words and comments. Whether my the website is more informative and doesn’t get updated very often, on Instagram I often post photos on the same day of the shoot, lives from the studio so that you can have a much better insight into my daily work. Have you been on my Instagram page yet?

The Approach

There are different ways of being a family photographer and different approaches. My approach is to give you space to be “you”, to play with your children, to be natural but I never stop giving you directions. I will always guide you through the session and only when I feel you know what to do, I will wait, observe and capture the most candid moments.

How would I describe my approach to family photography?

My family photo sessions are fun! You surely don’t get bored. You might get a bit tired at the end but keeping your session fun and full of action is what will make sure your photographs look alive, natural and that they will capture your family in the most authentic way.

Are the packages and prices clear and transparent?

As a family photographer, my number one priority is transparency on my packages and prices. I love that my clients know beforehand what to expect and can choose a package which meets their needs with no surprise at the end.

There are photographers who charge you a session fee which is the cost for the photoshoot experience but this cost doesn’t include any of the final images. These are charged separately so in this case, make sure you ask the photographers the cost for additional images so that you know what to expect.

I personally don’t have a session fee. I offer 3 family photography packages. Each of them corresponds to a different experience and includes a set amount of images. If you would like as many images as possible to be included, the total package is the right package for you. The total package includes all the digital images and the very popular heART fusion which is the high resolution video of your photoshoot. It is one of the most special gift you can have for your children and your family. An example of a recent heART fusion created for a beauitful family I photographed in Italy.

All you need to know before booking a family photoshoot?

When is the best time of the year for a Family photoshoot?

Studio Family Photoshoots are perfect any time of the year. If you need a weekend as your children are in school, make sure your book in advance as weekends are limited and get booked very quickly.

If you are planning an Outdoor Family Photo shoot, the best months are April, May (for Sunset Shoots), June, July (for Morning and Sunset Shoots) and September and October (for Sunset Shoots).

We cannot decide between a Studio or an Outdoor Session.Which would you suggest?

The answer I guess depends on the age of your children.

For children younger than 12 months the studio is normally the best choice. Said so, if you know your child loves to be outdoor and this is the set up you want, it will still work absolutely fine.

With children older than 12 months, an outdoor family photography session might the best option. Outdoor kids can explore, run around which normally results in happier children and therefore beauitful family photographs.

What is the best time of the day for a family shoot?

If you have chosen a studio session, a morning shoot is the best option for you. I use only natural light in my studio and in the morning the light is at its best. The little ones seem to be at their best in the morning as well!

If you are planning an outdoor family session, the ideal time for it would be at sunset. The sunset light is the best light for family photographs. Why? The light at sunset is soft, it doesn’t affect sensitive eyes and furthermore at sunset it is not too hot. If your kids are old enough to be happy to stay up until a bit later for one night, I would strongly suggest a sunset session. Because of kids’ bedtime schedule, I know a sunset shoot might not always work. In that case we have still the option of booking a morning session. It will be my job to find some nice and shady spots where the light is still beauitful and soft and it is not too hot for the children.

Are all family members allowed?

Yes, mum dad and as many children you have. A family session is an amazing opportunity for a beauitful family portrait as well individual portraits of the children.

If you have chosen an outdoor shoot, your four legged friends are allowed as well!

Where are your outdoor sessions held?

We will meet outside my studio and we will walk together towards the fields behind it. I am lucky to have the best location right behind my studio. All the outdoor shoots on my website are held there.

How to get prepared for your family session

What should we wear for our Family Portraits?

For an outdoor family session, my first suggestion is to coordinate the colours and tones of your clothes rather than matching fully your outfits. Big Logos on t-shirts or patterns too busy are not recommended. Plain fabrics and lots of textures are always a better choice.

For a studio session, I would recommend white, cream, neutral shades. If you like prefer stronger colours I would suggest to play with your accessories rather than adding too many colours to your clothes.

When your Family Photography session is confirmed a Welcome Brochure will be sent to you with some useful information about what to wear as well some inspirational boards which I hope will be useful.

What do I need to bring?

There is not need to bring too much. Make sure you have some snacks for your little ones in case they need them. Do need to bring too many outfits. Changing outfits can be frustrating for some kids and they might not want to do so. It is not a fashion shoot and the number one priority if for everyone to be happy so that I can capture the best family photographs for you and your family.

What is the difference between a Family Photography, a Baby Photography Session or a Newborn Session

Newborn Sessions and Baby Sessions are normally held in the studio. Whether family photoshoots can be held indoor our outdoor: the choice is yours.

Can you show some of your Family Photo Shoots?

Of course I can! Head to the BLOG: I hope you enjoy what you see!