Maternity Photography

My name is Francesca and I am a professional photographer specialised in creating timeless newborn, classic maternity and relaxed family photographs in my studio in Cambridge.

I have photographed pregnant women since 2010 and my aim, since day one, has always been to create precious memories of this special time in your life in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

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    Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot Experience

    Studio pregnancy shoots are done in my studio in Cambridge and are as individual as you and your family are. Before the session, we’ll talk about your favourite style, your specific taste and I will tailor the photography session around you.

    You are also very welcome to tell me your favourite piece of music and this will be played in the background: I love to make your maternity photoshoot a beautiful experience for you and your partner to enjoy and to remember.

    Before your maternity photography session we will sit down and we will review my maternity portraits portfolio. This will allow me to get to know you, your taste and explore ideas for the shoot. This is when I will be able to suggest moods, colours, poses and settings for your portraits and when we will start to build your unique photoshoot.

    There are three Maternity Photoshoot experiences you can choose from, each tailored to specific needs, please visit my Maternity Photography Prices page to find out more.

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    When is the best time for a maternity photography session?

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    The ideal time to photograph a bump is within week 32 and 36. During these weeks the bump starts showing like a proper baby bump and mums don’t feel too tired as yet. Each woman is different and every woman feels differently.

    First time mums for example tend to show their baby bump much later on whether expectant mums with more children start showing their bump much earlier. With this in mind some women might prefer to book their photoshoot around their 33rd week whether other mums might prefer to wait a few more weeks.

    If you are not sure about when would be the best time to book your pregnancy portrait photography shoot please get in touch and I will be able to help.

    I would suggest to book 4-6 weeks in advance if possible. Normally my clients book after their 20 weeks scan. If you have left it too late, feel free to contact me as I might have some last minute cancellations and I might still be able to help.

    My Maternity Portfolio

    I am so lucky to have photographed so many mums to be in the last 12 years. Colours or Black and White, I love all the precious memories we have created together. 

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    I’d love the idea of a maternity photo shoot but I’m really nervous…

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    You are not the only one! But please take few minutes to think about it. You are not a professional model and nobody expects you to become one right now.

    Every single person entering my studio feels exactly the same as you and it is absolutely normal! It is my job to make your maternity shoot the most relaxed experience. It is so lovely for me to hear my clients leaving the studio saying: “thank you Francesca for an amazing experience, it actually was so much fun!”.

    Furthermore your body is going through an incredible journey and you might not feel 100% all the time. It is my job to find the best poses for your body, to use of the perfect light to enhance your beautiful shapes and to create the most beautiful professional images that you will love forever.

    You will actually be surprised by how easy (and enjoyable) it is being in front of the camera when you have something so incredible and special to focus on: your baby.

    Do I need to take my clothes off?

    First of all let me tell you that the studio is such a relaxed and comfortable place with separate rooms so you have plenty of space to change outfits in private. Some women ask for nude photos and this is absolutely fine with me. Some women prefer semi nude photographs and this is also fine. The session is yours and you are always in control. Even when my mums opt in for the nude photos, this is something that generally I prefer to leave for the end of the photoshoot when the ice has been already broken, everyone is even more at ease and the atmosphere is just the right one for it.

    Is my partner allowed to the photo shoot?

    Yes, he surely is and I will alway encourage dads to be to take part in your maternity photoshoot. It is such a special time in your life and it is amazing to share it together. Your partner will not be in all the images but, depending on the pregnancy photography packages of your choice, there will some images of just you and some images with you and your partner.

    What do I need to bring?

    I would like to make your session as relaxed and stress free as possible so in the studio I have a lovely selection of dresses, fabrics and lingeries for you to choose from. However it is recommended to bring a few underwear key items for hygienic reasons and to make sure the size is just the right one for you.
    Once you book your pregnancy photoshoot with me, you will receive a Welcome Brochure which will include a list of items to bring together with some useful tips for each member of the family and the directions to arrive to the studio.

    Do you do Pregnancy Photoshoot in London?

    I have many clients who travel to my studio from London. My studio is located on CB233AQ just off the M11 and A1. Some of my clients find it more convenient than travelling within London city itself. With car park available on site and the most historic city around the corner, your photoshoot can become and occasion for a day out.
    If you prefer not to travel we can still arrange a home photoshoot in the comfort of your home. In this case extra travel costs apply.

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    How does an outdoor maternity shoot work?

    Outdoor maternity photography shoots are as popular as studio maternity sessions. The ideal seasons for outdoor shoots are Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each season has its own beautiful features and colours. Depending on the month of the year and the look you prefer for your photoshoot I will be able to suggest the best time of the day for your outdoor maternity session.

    maternity photography Francesca DB Photography

    Where do your outdoor maternity photo shoots take place?

    I am lucky enough to have a studio surrounded by some gorgeous fields which offer, every month, a unique setting and background for my outdoor maternity photo shoots. The reason why I love these locations is because I have studied the light here. I know every single corner and how to get the most out of each of them depending on the time of the day of your photoshoot.
    Another big advantage, if you are a second time mum, is that there is lots of space for your child/children to run around and this allows me to create some great natural shoots and capture candid moments.

    Can we arrange a maternity photoshoot in a different location?

    If you have a location which you love and it is meaningful to you, I love to hear about it and plan how to best capture your precious memories there. For outdoor photoshoots in specific locations such as the beach or a lavender field, please allow some extra travel cost and please consider booking them much far in advance.

    What if it rains? Do we reschedule?

    If weather conditions are bad (for example if it is raining) for an outdoor shoot, we can either rearrange or opt for a studio session. Overcast and dull days are actually perfect for outdoor maternity photoshoots because they offer the best soft light. This means that even a day where the sun is not shining can be great for a photography session outdoor.

    Which is the best time of the day for outdoor pregnancy shoots?

    The best time to capture you maternity photos is either as the sunrise or at the sunset. Sunsets tend to be the most popular choice especially in the summer as sunrise happens way too early! Have you ever heard of the expression “golden hours”? The golden hours are the two hours right before and after sunset where the light turns into this golden colour which makes the most fantastic light for a photographer and a real dream for every mum to be.

    The light at sunset and sunrise is softer, less harsh and the temperature as well is just perfect even in the hottest of the summer days.