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Black and White or Colour Photogrpahy?

If you have followed my photography blog and social media pages for a while, I am sure it won’t come as a surprise my love for black and white photography. I adore how timeless it is and how it always has a contemporary look.

I find that black and white finish has somehow the power to take away all the distractions and keep the focus on the connection between people.

Despite this love of mine, all of my sessions are a mixture of black and white and colour photos. Colour photographs, when kept organic, pure and simple, are so special in newborn and baby photography as they keep the real colour of the baby skin which is a very special memory.

I decided to post this session uploading only the black and white photos from their collection: I absolutely love them! The take-my-breath-away hugs are so beautiful!

Francesca DB Photography
Francesca DB Photography