Newborn Photography Studio

newborn photography studio

My Newborn Photography Studio

My studio is without a doubt my happy place. Here I have recreated a cosy and comfortable environment to make your newborn photography experience the best you can possibly have.

The Space

My newborn photography studio is very spacious and consists of three separate rooms to easily accommodate families with more than just one baby. When you arrive there is a landing area where my office is located and where I spend most of my time (when I am not taking photos).

On left hand side there is the “shooting room” which is where your photo session will actually take place. As well as a beanbag where I pose your baby, there is a comfy sofa where you can relax while I am taking care of your baby. It is not uncommon for dads to fall asleep on this sofa and I love when this happens as it means they are fully relaxed and feel absolutely comfortable. There is a big mirrored wardrobe where all blankets and wraps are stored so that they stay clean. Also the big mirror is very appreciated by mums who want to touch up their make up. You might find a little hand on the mirrored doors as they happen to be the favourite part of the studio for siblings.

On the right hand side, there is the “sibling/toy room” which has been created to entertain siblings while their little brother or sister is being photographed. As well as creating the right environment for the newborn, I wanted my studio to be also the best possible environment for siblings. This room has a big sofa where siblings can lay on and relax and there are some baskets full of toys and books so that they never get bored while they are not needed in the shooting room. I love to make them feel special as well when they arrive and making sure they enjoy the whole experience as well! Happy siblings means beautiful photos.

Make sure you review my newborn portfolio to see the most beauitful sibling images.

In my newborn photography studio, there is also a toilet for you to use at your own convenience.

The Natural Light

My newborn photography studio is located at the third floor so can benefit from the most gorgeous natural light. This is a great advantage especially with newborns so I don’t have to use any source of artificial light.

Make sure you visit my newborn blog section to see all the sessions held in my newborn photography studio and the great effect of natural light on newborn photos.

The Temperature

In my newborn photography studio I have full control over the temperature. I have a dyson warm and cold air purifier which allows me to set the right temperature and keep it consistently throughout your photography session. This is very important with newborn babies as they cannot regulate their body temperature (like adults do) so I need to make sure the temperature never drops down in the studio.

The Blankets and Wraps

Newborn Blankets and Wraps are washed after every newborn session and stored in my wardrobe so they stay clean. You will be surprised to see how many I have.

Directions and Parking

My newborn photography studio is in a residential area and is located at the third of my house. This doesn’t just make it such a comfortable place for families but also make the whole experience completely stress free as there is free parking space.

The studio is also located next to a park where your siblings might stop for a little while after the photoshoot! Click here for the directions.