Why are smash cake always a good idea?


Smash Cake Sessions in my studio are always a good idea because:

  • the photo shoot starts with a more traditional session which aims to capture your little ones personality, little details and his/her lovely smiles
  • it is in the first part of the session that I capture some special family portraits and some photographs with mum and some with dad.
  • the cake is introduced later and this is when the real fun starts!
  • the cake (is it is not fully destroyed… you never know!) is put back in a box so that you can have the leftover and there is not waste. I would hate that.
  • the bath at the end leaves your child clean and ready for a nap on the way home and it makes some special shots with the bubbles: kids love them!

Not everyone is as gentle as she was… Check out this session for more cake craziness! 🙂 https://www.francescadb.com/the-first-birthday-gift-which-will-last-forever/

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