Newborn Photography and a Modern Gallery Wall


Today I would love to show you the final result of a newborn photo session with me. Photography consists of three important stages:

the photoshoot, the image processing and the final stage is all about transforming the images in stunning products to keep forever and to look at.

Fine Art Albums are one of the most popular choice and I could not agree more with that.

However photos, when printed and framed, are also very popular and they are not just stunning products to have but also they can completely transform the walls in your house.

I personally adore multiple Frames rather than single Frames.

Given the same space, I love to fill it with more but smaller photos rather than with a single bigger one. This gives me more flexibility when I need to fill a space, but also adds much more interest to the overall design as multiple frames tell a story.

And telling your family story is what I am more passionate about.

Scroll the entire post and at the end you can see the gallery wall I have designed from this photoshoot by combining some images of the fresh new baby, with sibling photos and family photos too.

PS: Believe it or not, baby brother was only 12 months when the fresh new baby arrived. It was challenging involving him, given his very young age. However I adore the candid shots we have created.

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