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A little while ago, I took part into a newborn photography workshop. I am mostly self taught, however I felt like I wanted to improve in certain areas of my photography. Training and learning I believe needs to be always part of our profession.

The workshop was absolutely amazing. The newborn photographers were incredible. The way in which they were moving from one pose to the other one was very quick and they shared with us some useful tips to nail the perfect pose. At some point, they were trying to photograph the baby hanging on a wooden branch and I turned my head towards the parents. I didn’t feel like they were totally relaxed about it. Dad was scared, you could tell. Although the safety of the baby has never been put on risk, I could read in his eyes: “why are we doing this?”.

Mum was not allowed to watch as they believed the smell of the milk could have woken up the baby. All their techniques perfectly worked as the baby kept sleeping and they could follow step by step their poses. However, die the parents really enjoy it? What memory do they have about their newborn session? Did they really need all those props to capture their already perfect baby?

That moment I thought about my work. I thought about the families who I meet everyday and I clearly realised that it wasn’t my way. Nailing the perfect pose and use lots of props is like a magic recipe which you can apply to all the babies. But this is not what I want for my clients. I want every baby to be special and to captured in his unicity. I want babies in my studio to be cuddled by mum and I want to be able to capture their love in the most beautiful and timeless way. I want to make that love last forever through my images.

Your session is only your session. Your session is about you, it is about your family. Your session is unique as the love for your family is.

I hope you enjoy the images below from a recent session with little Daniel and his little family. I met them a year ago , when Izzy was 6 months for her sitting session. Happy they decided to come back to me. You can see Isabella’s session by clicking here

Francesca DB PhotographyFrancesca DB PhotographyFrancesca DB PhotographyFrancesca DB PhotographyFrancesca DB PhotographyDaniel

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