Twins Newborn London | B+A and their little family

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Becoming parents for the first time is the most overwhelming experience. Becoming parents of two little ones is incredibly overwhelming. All of a sudden, you are mum and dad of two children with no instructions to help. As a mum of twins, I know how hard it can be: all the difficulties are multiplied by two, but trust me, all the happy moments are also multipied by two. The bond between twins is something special to witness. They have spent already 9 months together and their love has always be one of the more fascinating things for me. As a newborn photographer, I love today to witness the bond between twins and capture it through pictures. Here a gorgeous family I recently photographed. I could watch these images so many times and fall in love with them all every time.

I know twins can come prematurely and you might not know beforehand how long they might need to stay in hospital for. If you would like to book your session in, please enquiry today by filling the form on my website As some extra days in the hospital can be necessarily with newborn twins, quite often the newborn session is arranged around 4/5 weeks.

If you would like to read my personal experience with my MOMO Twins, please read OUR JOURNEY.

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